Sai Dham Food Bank

Nourishing Hope: Our Impact Through Sai Dham Food Bank

Sai Dham Food Bank has been a cornerstone in the fight against hunger within the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade. This independent food bank is dedicated to serving a diverse demographic, including seniors, specially abled individuals, children, the homeless, and international students across 26 cities. Their mission—to ensure no one goes to bed hungry—aligns with their vision of a world where every person has access to nutritious meals. Through its various impactful programs, Sai Dham has continually expanded its reach, embodying a commitment to eradicate hunger and foster a community of support and abundance.

Breakfasts of Hope: Fueling Young Minds Through Partnership

In 2023, the Shah Family Foundation strengthened its partnership with Sai Dham by committing $625,000 over five years to support the "Children's Healthy Breakfast Program." This targeted initiative serves children from low-income and single-parent households, collaborating with the YMCA and local school boards to combat food insecurity. Our focused contribution ensures that vulnerable children receive the nourishment they need to start their day right, enhancing their ability to learn and grow both academically and personally.

Impact to Date

The "Children's Healthy Breakfast Program" has made significant strides this year, providing nutritious breakfasts and food hampers to over 9,400 children weekly in 2023. This has allowed the program to double in size, enhancing daily life and educational opportunities for the children it serves. Our commitment to this cause remains steadfast, and we are eager to continue growing the program’s reach and effectiveness in the upcoming years.

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